Question 4 Port (not pasive) PoE switch IP67 (to use on edge of jungle)


Dec 13, 2006
Hi, we are creating a network on the edge of the jungle in Panama. We need some PoE switches we can use outside in a hot/humid climate. Any recommendations?
A ISP I used to use ran microtik outdoor routers. They were idiots for many things but this seem to work ok.

There is a huge difference between something that can be used outdoors and something that meet IP67. IP67 mean you can completely submerge it in water for a period of time. Although I have see solution that they use on cell towers the cost was outrageous and I don't know if they sell to end consumers.

I would look to build your own. Pretty much the devices you find are just normal PoE switches put in a waterproof box. Key here is when you seal a switch in a waterproof box it also prevent air from circulating and cooling the switch. You need to find a switch that is rated to something like 50c or more temp rating. If you can feed it with DC power that helps the heat. The power block that converts ac to dc is a major heat source.



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