4 screen multi monitor fast but cheap trading system


Jan 13, 2009
I'm building a machine capable of putting trading charts on the screen in real time, and after many years of suffering with slow machines and not enough screen space, here is what I'm thinking to build. Please feel free to criticize or comment. I searched threads here and other places for days trying to find a combination that I think would work well. I do plan to overclock it a bit if possible to get maximum stable performance out of it. The plan is to run Linux on it, probably Debian Etch, Ubuntu, or Sabayon, depending on what's fastest that will work reliably.

FWIW, I considered both ATI and Nvidia, and came to the conclusion that the SLI was designed to do exactly what I was trying to do, and the price was about the same, so that's the route I chose.

Let me know what you gurus think, please.

Item List:

1 x ($19.99) CPU COOLER ROSEWILL|RCX-Z300 R - Retail

1 x ($269.99) CPU INTEL|C2Q Q9400 2.66G 775 45N R - Retail


4 x ($169.99) MNTR ACER|LCD 22" 5MS X223WBD R - Retail

1 x ($24.99) CASE ROSEWILL|R230-P-BK RT - Retail

2 x ($79.99) VGA GIGABYTE GV-N95TD3-512H 9500GT - Retail

1 x ($94.98) PSU RAIDMAX | HYBRID2 RX-730SS 730W - Retail

1 x ($199.99) MEM 2Gx4|GSK F2-8800CL5Q-8GBPI R - Retail

1 x ($7.49) FD 1.44MB|SAMSUG SFD321B/LBL1 % - OEM

2 x ($54.99) HD 250G|ST 7K 16M SATA2 ST3250410AS - OEM

1 x ($21.99) DVD BURN LG|GH22NP20 22X IDE % - OEM

1 x ($129.99) EVGA 122-YW-E173-TR LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail


Jan 13, 2009
Oh well, I thought there would be someone here familiar with high perf multi video setups.

I think I'll find the potential troubles are in the linux camp, but I won't know till I try to load it.

I've come to the conclusion that there is no setup that has a chance at working like this with the linux, at least not anything supported. I guess if I get lucky it works, if not i fight it a few months, and then either give up or load mickeysoft's latest bad code on it.


Aug 14, 2007
SLI/Crossfire (they are essentially the same) disables the ability to use as many monitors as you have DVI ports. You just need any motherboard with multiple PCI Express x16 slots and two graphics cards. They can even be two different graphics cards. They don't even have to be PCI Express - A decend PCI card should work.

Avoid Raidmax PSUs. There are many better power supplies you can have for $100. For your setup you don't need more than 500W really.


Jan 13, 2009
Got it all running. Getting the 2 video cards and 4 screens going under linux was wild, but it does work. No slowness with all screens full of charts in realtime.

Next I want to figure out how to overclock it a bit. LOL, I wish i knew what I was doing.

Its an Intel Q9400 (Core 2 Quad 2.66 ghz) with 8gb of 1100 G Skill memory on an eVGA 750i SLI m/b with an Award BIOS

Any thoughts on how to safely boost the CPU and memory speed without burning anything up?


Oct 14, 2008
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