Question 4 sticks of 1gb ram doesn't work

Jun 6, 2019
I have an ancient q6600 with a GA-EP31-DS3L and a 9500 gt.
Knowing the mobo ram support, it said it supports up to 4gb ram which means 1gb per slot. I only had 2 sticks before then I bought another 2. New and old sticks work, but when 4 of them are in, it only loads up to bios screen and it freezes. I put 3, freezes. I put in the new ones, works. Old ones, works. All of the ram slots work tho it doesn't work with 3 or 4 sticks. I also tried putting in new and old together, it works. All 4 of them have 800 mhz speed so I guess they should work together. Any ideas how to make 4 of them work? It sucks to only have 2gb of ram.
Btw, this is only a temporary pc while I save up to fix the better one so no "buy a new one" etc. Thanks!
On a old system with a GA-EP31-DS3L, it is recommended to use memory made in the same batch.

The motherboard manual also shows ONLY (SS=Single-Sided) memory modules work when all 4 slots are populated.

SS=Single-Sided, DS=Double-Sided memory can be used in configurations where only 2 slots are populated.
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