Question 4 Year Old Laptop Battery Won't Charge Past 1%... Should I Remove It?

Jan 9, 2021
The battery in my HP Envy W2K71UA is almost 4 years old now and won't hold a charge. My laptop won't turn on if it's not plugged in, and having kept it plugged in all day yesterday, it still didn't charge past 1%.

HP's battery health check also indicated that the battery is in poor health (if it wasn't obvious enough).

I already have a new PC, so a replacement battery is pointless, but I still use this laptop sparingly. My question is what I should do with the battery now that it's unusable.. Should I remove to it to free up some weight? What are the risks of keeping it installed?

I don't know if there are any risk having a poor battery compared to a battery seemingly healthy.

However - you may want to try to remove the battery (don't throw it away) because I have heard about some rare cases where the laptop stop working at all when battery is removed. That is you may need to put the battery back again (but less probable).