Question 400/450€ phone (camera and battery) [Huawei p20 pro vs pixel 3a?]


Dec 10, 2016
Hello guys, I'm looking for a new phone! I'd like to spend under 400€ since I really mistreat my phones and they don't last very long for me, but I see that at around 400/450€ you can get a really good phone so probably that's the better price point.

By far the most important thing in a phone for me has to be the camera, especially photos, I care less for videos.
Second thing battery life, at least getting a full day.

For "raw power" and speed I just need it to don't lag while using it normally, I don't play any games on my phone, just regular use of social network, maps, YouTube, Netflix, web browsing.
Once I'd have said that screen is important in a phone, but my phone screen has been broken for few months and I don't really care. If it's oled it's better, but camera and battery are by far more important.

I was considering the Google Pixel 3a at 400 € but I have a big concern with having oy 64 GB of storage. Rn I have 32GB + 64GB SD card and I use like 70 GB total and I deleted my Spotify songs (but I have to download them again). If the Pixel 3a is really worth it I could delete like 25GB of photos and videos (I have them on my pc).

Then I was thinking of the p20 pro but it's more expensive at like 450€.

What do you think? What would you recommend me?

Thank you
Pixel has very good camera tho and yes the storage but still its better to save it on pc than having it on phone, cause if the screen goes "poof" the backing up might be tricky tho.
I have iphone 6s 128GB's, and with 4k recording, HDR&LIVE photos at 4000x3000.
Storage is around 48GB's out of 128GB's, combined 5k photos and videos.
Iphone was on my mind cause of the camera and the best screen to RGB ratio, buuuuut battery life isnt on its side.,review-6452.html

What about used phones tho?