Feb 11, 2010
Need help, I need someone to put together on newegg or some site a processor, mobo, ati 5770, and ram for = or <400

also i have a 9600gt 512 mb right now, my friend put together a set with all the things i requested in a wish list and he put an i5 which is nice, but is it needed? should i go with an i5 and wait for a gpu later? what will i be able to run bc2 or crysis at 1280 1024 with a 9600gt and an i5
Processor wise, it may be wise to shoot for an AMD 3 or 4 core Phenom II, as they are cheaper in comparison to an Intel i5. Plus, they offer decent performance for gaming. Maybe someone with a bit more knowledge of AMD chips can chime in.


Feb 17, 2009
First thing, a 5770 is overkill for that res. Plan on upgrading your monitor?
Second, yes, you can run those games at decent frames with a 9600GT and an i5 (I'm assuming its a 750). However, like buwish mentioned, an AMD CPU is better for your budget.
RAM has seen a huge price increase in the past year and a half, which is predicted to continue for at least 4 years. Even though DDR3 is now in greater production than DDR2, 4GB (of either) will usually cost you $100+ from a reliable brand. DDR2 costs 3-4x what it once did. But 4GB is recommended for any current build.

Why do you think you need a new GPU?
And ATX mobos will fit in any standard mid-tower.