Question 4000+Mhz ram, with a motherboard that only supports 3866Mhz

Mar 23, 2020
I am buying a new z270 motherboard which supports ram speeds up to 3866Mhz, some of the ram im looking at is advertised as 4000Mhz or higher. Will i have any difficulties running this ram on my z270 board, will i be able to use the XMP profile for 4000Mhz and then it will be automatically downclocked to 3866Mhz. Or will i need to setup my own ram speed and timing settings in the bios.

For example, this ram

Thanks for your help
Use of memory with exotic speeds is for experienced overclockers. Some who asks, "Will i have any difficulties running this..." might keep that in mind. Are you an experienced overclocker?

The Kaby Lake overclocking guide - Edge Up
Memory frequency: The best CPU samples can achieve speeds of DDR4-4133 with four DIMMs (ROG Maximus IX series of motherboards needed). DDR4-4266 is possible on the Maximus IX Apex. For mainstream use, we recommend opting for a memory kit rated no faster than DDR4-3600.