404 banking error


Sep 27, 2012
Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but i wanted to try here first because it
involves a router.

I live in the Uk and my father has talktalk internet. He has up to recently been
using the old USB modem but since upgrading to windows 7, the little 330
modem no longer works due to no available drivers.

Well, i had a spare Billion router, setup the username and password and
connecting is fine for the most part. No real problems with accessing websites
apart from a credit card website (aqua cards) and for some reason when going
through the several stages of security (username, password, place of birth)
a 404 error message appears when my dad tries on his pc. If i try on mine
i can get access.

My question: can 404 errors be related to routers and access or is this purely
a webpage problem, because it seems odd how i can login but my dad cannot.
Does a router have anything in its setting that could prevent certain sites
from being inaccessible?

If my dad calls the bank, they might just say 'everything fine here, sounds like
your pc'. If they said that, we wouldn't have a clue. I'm no novice to pc's but
this really is leaving me stumped. The only thing that has changed is his O/S
and the router i gave him. Just seems strange why this one website is being a pain.

Thanks in advance...

You can set web pages to be blocked in the router, but that would normally come up as "page is blocked by so and so" not just a 404 which is a page not found on the server.

Check the computer for viruses, and check the hosts file to make sure there are no entries there.