Question 45-49 temperature hdd while playing games

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Jan 24, 2021
Ok, then i will check and call a technician if the side is wrong
You just have to remove 4 screws, turn it around and put the screws back in though.
Do it with the PC off and confidence and you're not going to break anything.

I mean this is a tech forum I'm supposed to encourage users to do things that don't require much expertise in the field and don't pose any danger, just like changing a tyre or the oil in your car. Reading articles and guides or even watching instructive videos is really useful when you're new to something like computers and can save you hundreds when it comes to troubleshooting your build.
How much a technician would charge for flipping a fan? I'd do it for free but others might totally rip off people, just like shady dishonest people in general (car mechanics, plumbers, electricians and so on).