45 C very quiet vs. 40 C really noisy ....


Jul 10, 2009
I have an intel i7 920 @ 3.2 GHz ... and i installed a 120mm fan i bought at best buy as the top exhaust fan on my cooler master scout. The reason i replaced the top fan was because i thought the top fan was broken, but it wasnt in the end- the CPU fan cable was blocking the original CM scout top fan.

With the bestbuy fan as a top exhaust, i got CPU temps of like 39/38/38/36 for each core. But the thing was, i almost have a tough time sleeping at night cause it was quite noisy ...
So today, i reinstalled the 140mm fan that the case came with and the readings are like 45/44/44/41 for each core. So the original fan is MUCH quieter but makes my temps go up ~5C

So at 45 C, is it okay at this temperature? Will it have as of a long life.. compared to a i7 @ 39 C ...