460 & 560 SLI Compatibility

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Oct 12, 2011
I've been having issues with my GC failing randomly and then recovering itself after about 5 seconds of black screen. currently running PNY 460 and thinking about upgrading to new 560's or higher later on, but is it possible to link 460 and 560 with updated drivers for both to resolve that problem?
yeah I got it running, on the most demanding maps on all high no aa 16Xaf and no HBAO SSAO @ 1200p and fps never dips below 42fps in the most demanding maps, most of the time around 55-60. So overall the performance is pretty good but of course I am wanting to upgrade my rig now :)

I guess Im a little spoiled and used to playing with at least 4XAA and getting 60+FPS
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