4650 vs 9800 gt


Sep 2, 2009
I'm shopping for an upgrade for my Dell Inspiron 545. The HD 4650 and 9800 gt (low power maybe?) seem like my best options. I think...

Specs are Intel Core 2 quad Q8300 @ 2.5
4gb ram
500 gb hdd

My worry is that that the standard PSU (300w - and I don't plan on upgrading it) would not handle the 9800 gt or anything better than the 4650.

Which one is better? Are there any other cards I should consider?

Any advice would be welcome.

And for extra points...can these run NWN2?


in terms of performance 9800 wins
still i think 9800 (low power edition) draw more power than 4650. your best bet will be 4650 / 4670
about your PSU i'm not really sure.minimum power required for 4650/4670 is 400w as stated in amd site.

about NWN2: yes these cards can run it.

hope this will help :)