4850, 4870, or geforce 9800 gtx?


Nov 3, 2009
This is killing me.

Mobo: Gigabyte EO45 - UDEP
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550
PSU: I'm planning to get a 500w since I dont have money anymore.
Memory: I dont have yet but I think I'm getting a Patriot/Corsair 2gb (2x2) = 4gb with 1066mhz
So its like this.

For the past weeks I've been researching about gfx cards and I would want to get one which I wont have lots of problems with and at the same time, will have nice graphics.

I was supposed to go for the 4870 but I dont want my gfx cards to overheat and have problems like those since I'll be bringing this computer to the Philippines which is a very tropical place (95 degress F). I saw 4850 and tried to compare it to the 9800 gtx, it was both great and I can't decide which one to get. I dont have enough money to go Crossfire or SLi. I need help on choosing a video card so can anyone help? :(

I'm planning to get a computer case with 3 or two big fans to keep it well ventilated, a big mid tower would do perhaps?

I'm also considering these cards performing with a 500w PSU. I'm not planning to get anything more than 500w, I have a tight tight tight budget atm.

HELP please! :( And if possible, please tell me where to buy it and what website :D thanks!


May 29, 2008
i've had both the 4850 512 meg and the 4870 1gb. Both are decent cards, the 4870 is a very nice card and i did not have any troubles at all with heat and i kept it OC'd 100% of the time.

Brand i has was Sapphire.

Hope this helps

Ps. For what it's worth, i would vote against the 9800gtx, the 4xxx series cards are newer/better in my experience
I vote for the 4870. It's worth it and the price/performance comparison on it is GREAT.

Just make sure your 500W is a good quality one. You may have issues if you get a junky one that can't handle the power draw on the 4870. Which PSu did you have in mind? Link us.
I've got a 4870 with a Q9550 processor and I couldn't be happier with it. No problems with overheating/power, and with a single card 500W should be just fine for you. Don't get the 4850, the tradeoff to the xx50 models from the xx70 is usually going to be noticeable.