4850 crossfire OR 260gtx


Aug 3, 2008
I have a 260 GTX (216) in my PC atm, it runs nicely on my 22inch monitor at 1600x1050 res. However I have a 4850, which I replaced as it was overheating to about 90C. I was thinking of adding a third party cooler to the ATi card, getting another one and crossfiring them, then I'd sell my 260 to pay for the expenses. As I'm probably upgrading to a much bigger screen soon for my gaming (1900x1080 40 inch) and seeing as I'd come off with no less cash, does it sound like a viable option? I couldn't find the 4850 crossfire on this websites charts to compare, so I figured It'd be better to ask you guys than look at benchmarks from june 2008.

Ah, yes, Crossfire only, did n't know if it was X58.
As it stands there is little reason to change the rig until you upgrade the monitor.
I would advise you to E-bay the 4850, or sell it to a friend and wait until the new DX11 hardware starts to come out and re-appraise your situation then.


Oct 9, 2008

What coozie said. I love my 4850 and wouldnt have hesitated to tell you to Xfire and OC them 6 months ago. But knowing that ATI's DX11 cards are due out by the end of the year means you should hold off until then as prices will drop and the bar will be raised.


Jul 7, 2009
I was able to find a comparison of multiple cards, which include the 260 (single) and the 4850 in Crossfire.


If your not interested in reading, here is the highlight:
"The GeForce GTX 260 is not meant for such high display resolution, but the comparison (between the 4850 CF and GTX 260) is interesting anyway. Here, each solution wins five tests. They equal each other in five more tests. So, this is a draw overall."

Everyone's expeirience with different hardware configuration differs, but if you look at the charts in the conclusion, they do seem fairly even (even up to 1900x1200). But with the additional space and power the Crossfire would take up and the heat it would generate, it does not seem worth it.