4850 noise (not fan)


Oct 28, 2011
Hello, this is kind of a weird problem that i cant solve.
Basically the graphic card makes a noise...I tried completely stoping all the fans in the computer, but it still didn't disapear and i am sure it comes from the graphic card.
What could it be?!?!?!
The card id kind of old and used so....i dont know if it might be related. Thank you
Sounds like a capacitor might be on the verge of busting on that video card. And this is not fixable, and can be highly dangerous (it's not good to breath in whatever acid's are inside a capacitor).

Basically your capacitor on your video card will look like a cylindrical tube about 1/4" in height soldered onto the GPU. If you notice any of those caps are "Bulging" that's not a good sign.

I've seen and heard capacitors do this right before they died (mostly on motherboards though).

It might even be your motherboard.

Do you have a spare graphics card you could try out to see if the noise goes away?