4850 or 4830 or 4770 or 9800gt?


Sep 6, 2007
I have
processor- intel e4500
Gigabyte 2600xt graphics.
My montor works at 1280x1024 resolution.

Want to upgrade my graphics card.
Price in my country
Sapphire/XFX ati 4850= 160$
Sapphire ati 4830= 125$
Sapphire ati 4770= 130$
Sapphire ati 4670= 100$
XFX 9800gt=165$

So which one?
Are the any good comparing with my 2600xt, will my processor play a big role?

English is not my Mother language, so don't mind.
the 4850 should do well; but then you may be CPU-limited on some games, and some 4850s get really hot.

Least trouble and good performance would be 4770 (4830 is hardly faster and may run hotter). the 4670 is underpowered.

The 9800GT is a good choice if you want to go Nvidia, but performance/price on that segment generally favors Ati/AMD.

Actually, it falls down to what specific game/app you may run: a cheaper Ati card may run better than the Nvidia on a specific case, while the opposite can be true too.

Still, I'd recommend the 4770 in your case.
+1 for the 4770 512Mb

It will perform better than the 4670 or 9800GT, nearly as good as the 4850, and consumes less power.
Any of these cards will perform MUCH better than your current 2600xt
Especially considering your local prices, defiantly get the 4770 512Mb.

Do not worry to much about your CPU.
At stock, it will still be powerful enough for gaming on.
If you want a healthy boost, it is highly overclockable.
Push it past 3Ghz and you will have no worries.
For the price and from a performance point of view the 4770 is both the best value and performance fit for your machine, yes your CPU (processor) will hold you back a little but no enough to matter in my opinion, it can be Overclocked quite easily if you want to.
Even at standard clocks it wont be a noticable (to you) restriction and you should see a decent improvement in your gaming experiance.

As they've all said, the 4770 is the best bang for buck choice, but if your PSU (Power Supply Unit) is really weak, you might be limited to a 4670 (which needs no auxilliary power). If you have a cheap generic one that came with your case, post its claimed specifications, including brand and model if you know it. Wattage alone won't tell the story. A 380W Antec Earthwatts can power a 4850. A generic "500W" unit may choke on it.
Don't feel too bad if all you can run is the 4670. It is still six tiers higher than what you have now, and will do a quite passable job at 1280x1024.


Sep 6, 2007
Thanks guys.
My PSU- 700W generic (brand name 'FAST')
2-12v rail with 20A each
Will it be okay for hd4770?
And I can't overclock my cpu (it's on intel g31pr mobo).
Can I play most of the game coming next year with 4770?


Jan 16, 2009
Yeah that PSU delivers more than enough juice for the 4770
And yeah you should be able to play most of the games if not all of them. Just not at the maxed settings of course

Yeah, your PSU will work fine for a single 4770.
I would expect you will be able to play most every game with no issues at your resolution using a 4770.
If you end up needing a little more GPU power, they are also highly overclockable.

Also, you defiantly CAN overclock your CPU.
It will just take a little work to do a BSEL mod.
This will make your motherboard think your CPU is supposed to run at a higher FSB, therefore overclocking your CPU.

By connecting the following pins:

you will effectively overclock your CPU to 3Ghz.

A link detailing the procedure is as follows:


Sep 6, 2007
I bought the Sapphire hd 4770. And I'm very happy with it. Thanks to all you.

I did the bsel mod, but the pc failed at heavy load. may be voltage issue. so i remove it. may be i'll try it again with some volt mod. but i don't know enough about it.