This also depends on your CPU. You'll be wanting a good quad-core CPU.

I don't know of any system that can play Crysis with the ABSOLUTE highest resoltution and highest settings but a good quad-core and 2xHD4850 will provide a very, very nice gaming experience.

It's also important to keep the frame rates high. Assuming the rest of your system has similar specs, I recommend running the Crysis benchmarks or simply running FRAPS and determine your frame rate then set settings according to be at LEAST 40FPS at all times.

If possible, it's nice to be running at 60FPS constantly using VSYNC. VSync eliminates any screen tearing and also reduces the computer from generating frame rates above 60FPS (which generate heat but do nothing for the screen which can't use above 60FPS).

Older CRT monitors often have refresh rates of 75 or 85Hz.


Aug 2, 2008
Well on this pc i am using, Specs listed in my member configuration. I can play crysis with my 8800gtx on highest resolution but not on the highest settings though and it plays it pretty smooth.


Mar 27, 2008
most go ati You would need a faster cpu and go for nvidia cards. I had the same cpu (oc 3.4ghz)but after upgrading to a q6600 (oc 3.2ghz) I noticed a huge gain. I no its not a fair comparison but to play crysis at very high settings a fast dual/quad is required.
In you case I would try to oc the cpu a bit further and upgrade to a gtx285 or sli gtx260.
If you most go ati 2 1gig 4870 cf.


Jul 19, 2009
I dont think there is much of a FPS difference running 2x 4850x2's that would be a quadfire setup and i dont think any games untilize it yet. I could be wrong search for benchmarks.