4850x2 Multiple Monitor Help


Aug 24, 2009
hi there,

ive just bought a new 4850x2 gfx card with 4 DVI heads on it and currently i have it plugged into 2x 22" LG monitors (1680x1050) and 1x Samsung 40" LCD (1920x1080)

Iuse my two LG monitors for gaming, web browsing and what not and use the Samsung for watching movies, blu rays and tv from the PC.

The problem i have is that even though ATI Catalyst Control & Vista say the Samsung is displaying at 1920x1080 its not, im losing about 3" from both sides and an inch from the top and the bottom of the screen, i cannot figure any reason why its doing this and wondered if anyone had an suggestions?

ive spent 350 quid just because i want 3 monitors and not two and now its doing this

I have the same thing. I am guessing your Samsung is a LN40A550? Thats what I have.

Its mainly in the settings for the TV. If you change the naming of the Source you have it hooked up with (mine is via HDMI2 using DVI>HDMI) it will change the size but none will fit the entire TV for some reason.


May 7, 2009
well all i know that in ati catalyst theres an option for each monitor pluged in , you can resize the the area of the monitor the way you like .