Oct 9, 2008
hay thanks in advance :bounce:

Im building a new computer and i am getting a ASUS 512mb ATi 4870

Im looking to OC and i want to know how good are they for OCing?

I also want to ask the ppl who have 1 or recently ownd 1
do they OC well? (pic would be Sweet or any info)

If you have crysis what lvl of graphs do u play it at? (overclocked)

and what is in your computer? (eg CPU, Motherboard, Ram...)

Thanks again! :hello:


Jul 13, 2008
I have club3d and run at 825 and 1080, ASUS usually make boards more expensive for no reason - take some other company.
and I play on high and get pretty decent f/r.


Aug 5, 2008
I have an Asus HD 4870. It runs at 750 core and 900 memory max is 790 and 1100. Have never tried overclocking it. I doubt the gain would be more than a few frames. At stock fan speed (22%) it reaches 80 degrees. The only reason I enabled overdrive is to set a manual fan speed. With 30% the card sits around 60 degrees and is hardly audible. Haven't tried crysis yet (I don't want to see my pc beaten yet).

I play all games at 1920x1200 (or 1600x1200) and max detail. The level of AA is usually the only one I need to tweak. Most games run nice (average 60fps on 4xAA box filter). Only use box and edge detect.

More graphic intensive games that I played until now are Oblivion, Titan Quest, Assassin's Creed (AA edited from ini to work at 1920) and Heroes 5. They usually stick to 60 frames, but do drop under 30 in some situations.

Using Vista Ultimate 64 bit, E8500 stock, 4GB ram, Asus P5Q mobo.