4870 vs 8800gts


Jan 7, 2008
I would like to upgrage my video card.So,,will the 4870 outperform my 8800gts(g92) I got a year in a half ago.For that matter would a 4770 even do so.I may consider 2 4770s for crossfire.Im not sure my ps can handle that crossfore setup though.

Gigabyte P35-DS4
Core2duo E8400
2g crucial ballistix 1066
Xfi fatality pro.
SILVER STONE ZEUS ST56ZF 560W power supply

Any suggestions.Im doing this cause nvidia doesnt have an overlay option that works in gaming and need for speed most wanted doesnt have a brightness control.Some areas of the game I cant see where im going and crash.Very uncool when racing......
The G92 8800 GTS is still a pretty decent card... I'm not sure I would bother upgrading right now unless you are really noticing it failing to give decent performance at whatever resolution you are using.
Otherwise I'd wait and see what the price/performance on the DX11 cards looks like before making a change.