4870 vx GTX 260 216 SP


Jan 15, 2009
Hey guys!

I need to which card is better 4870 vs GTX 260 216 SP? Have a budget of 185$.

Please suggest whether to buy a card rite from the top two or wait for the new DX 11 cards.

Also the physx factor seems to bother as ATI doesnt boost that so is PhycsX better than dx 10/11 or vice versa?

Your comments will be appreciated!

They are basically the same. Get whatever is cheaper.

PhysX is only useful in physX supported games, and is basically just for some minor eye candy. Both cards only support dx10.

Although also consider a 4890 (costs about $170), or a 5770 (also about $170).
The former performs better but is dx10.1 only, whereas the latter is weaker but supports dx11.


Sep 28, 2009
As far as GTX260 and 4870 is concerned, the 4870 performs a lil faster than
GTX260 (6 percent) as stated here:
which as you play games you'll hardly notice that 6 percent performance difference
Unless its a 10-12 percent difference. Another advantage of the 4870, it supports
DX 10.1 and shader 4.1 where as the GTX 260 didn't, though it could only provide
very little eye candy experience but still its an advantage.

-- I strongly suggest go for the RAD 5770 instead of 4870, not only you get to play
the very latest games that supports DX11 and shader 5 but, it provides increased
performance(FPS) and more much more enjoyable gaming experience overall
as compared to those two cards mentioned. And most of all, its price is in
your budget range! :)
I have a 4870 and have to say I couldn't be happier with it. It has given me NO problems playing anything I want, and hs been more than capable of handling whatever I throw at it.

Having said that, I do think you're better off buying a DX11 card, whether it's now or later. A powerful card might make things run faster or slower .. but when a DX11 game comes out and you only have DX10, that's something that will make the game not work, period. Same with shader 3-4-5 versions, only not quite as pronounced. There will be at least a couple year window where you're glad you have DX11, and honestly, whatever DX11 card you buy will probably serve you fine for years unless you're some kind of performance junkie.



the gtx260 on the review was the 192 version not the sp216. they trade blows both the 216 and the 4870.

the 260-216 has the upper hand against the 4870 in terms of overclockability as the 260-216 (especially the 55nm versions) can reach 275/4890 stock speeds.



Jan 13, 2006
If I were in the position of buying new video cards again, I'd definitely have to consider the 1GB 4870 over the GTX 260 C216. Some games like the extra VRAM. The GTX 260 seems strange with 896MB of VRAM. These cards are fast and nothing wrong with them at all. Just check what games you play and see which card performs better. Then get that one. Also, make sure you look into a ATI 5770. That's a great card and it has many features both of the mentioned cards lack.


Oct 5, 2007

I hate it when people pick and choose benchmarks. The two are relatively equal, just get the one that does better in the games you play. The 4870 does better than the GTX 260 216sp in these benchmarks (take them with a grain of salt and look up reviews on other sites as well, not everyone gets these things right):

Call of Duty 5 World at War
Anno 1404 - Dawn of Discovery
Tom Clancy's HAWX
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

You get the point. When one beats the other it's between 1-4 FPS (except the HD 4870 beat it by like 7-10 frames in one of them I noticed) so I really don't think it matters. There's something a bit iffy with a few of those benchmarks though as it beats the HD 4890 sometimes for no reason, but whatever. They're both pretty evenly matched. Choose whatever you want, really.



maybe you didnt understand what my statement is about. the gtx260-216 trade blows with the 4870 as my links says.

i posted 4 links from the same website yes, but do they all convey that the 260 is leading?

i also hate it when people dont use their brains before they go on a silly barrage.

my point exactly. from the links i posted, its 2 for the 4870 & 2 for 260-216. so the dude that i replied to saying that the 4870 "is definitely" faster is a fanboy or a bonehead.

2 of the 4 links i posted were from WaW and hawx. you reiterated and posted them again, which lead me to believe you didnt check all the links i posted.


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