4870 want to buy 5870


Oct 18, 2008
I havent even owned the 4870 formore then 3 months and now this 5870 comes out. Should I just wait until the prices come down since all this games that we have now dont even support dx11. I mean my dream would be to get a 5870 x2 on oct 22. and well my wife already gave me the ok lol so I can get it. The thing is I havent even played with my 4870 enough to even make it go its knees. I mean i've played crysis and farcry lostplanet. etc etc. and i love the quality on it. I just thought that with the 4870 to i could max out everything and i mean everything on my ati settings and ingame settings. Also if Its not a good idea to get me a 5870 right now what is the best graphical settings i should set my 4870 on. you know quality , high quality or custom settings?

ps/ I know the 5870 is a powerful card I just dont want to be wasting money when I havent even played enough with my 4870 1gb