4870x2 in quadfire with core i7 950



hi all,
just picked up a pc in late july with the following specs
core i7950
6 gig of ddr3 ram
dual 48790x2 2 gig memory..

I play mostly games on this like Crysis, RE5, NHL, wolfenstein..
does it pay to upgrade to a 5800 series?

From the reviews I am reading, while DX11 support will be nice, with the cards I have, for games that support quadfire, im still very set for some time, except that id have to run games in dx10 and not 11, correct?

It would appear that with even 1 4870 x2, this card, despite being a little older, in many cases holds its own against the geforce 285/295 and the newest ati cards, right?

any thoughts?

Thank you


Feb 19, 2009
It's not going to help you upgrade anything except when the 5870x2 comes out, except for the DX11 support.

running the 4870x2+4870, is pleny for most games for me, running at 2560*1600 with everything on highest settings with 8xAA. You have one more GPU, an a better proc than me, so you shouldn't have any problem at all. Especially if you're not using a 30" monitor, and only game at 1920*1200.


I wonder why though, with Resident evil 5, i turn on 8xaa and it runs somewhat choppy!

are there any known games out there that support crossfire or quadfire?