4890 Auto fan setting is a joke.


Oct 24, 2008
Yesterday I left the auto on just to see what it would do to my temps while playing WoW.

Over the course of 10 minutes the temps hit 92C.

Turning up the fan to 30% brought them down for awhile.

Today I had the fan at 30% I thought but...again it was 20.

I wondered to myself, hey why is it so quiet. Check ccc and boom, 87C. These temps are pretty pathetic for auto.

Did I miss the memo that says the fan never does anything automatically?

keeping the fan @ 35 keeps my temps at 45C.

Shame on this cooler.

Reference of course :)
Well i have a ATI HD 4870X2 and if i set the fan to auto then the temps go up alot more than when i set the temp manually,so its always good to set the fan speed by yourself because it will make your card run @ lower temps