4890 crossfire on 790GX?


Dec 23, 2008
Hi i have an asus m3a78-t that has a 790GX chipset. How would dual 4890 crossfire work on this (two 8x) compared to a 790FX chipset? (two 16x). Also would my processor, phenom 9950 @ 3.2ghz bottleneck this?
You look fine on all counts.
There will be a minimal performance hit running Cf at PCIe 2.0 8x vs 16x but it is hardly game changing.
A 3.2Ghz quad should still be more than powerful enough to game on and your Corsair 650w has ample power for Cf 4890's.

You may, depending on your current GPU setup, want to wait a few months before purchasing a high end GPU setup.
If you can get bye with what you have or a smaller upgrade for now, you have DX11 cards in the near future to look forward to.