Question 4G WiFi for Gaming

Jun 19, 2020

As of writing we're looking into 4G WiFi for our Home Broadband, due to our current Home Broadband being incredibly slow and inconsistent. After phoning multiple Broadband suppliers it seems that the current Home Broadband we are getting is the best speeds we can get with BT.

So after this we found that various companies offer a 4G Broadband Service, where our Download Speeds and Upload Speeds will be a lot better. The current plan we are looking into will be an Antenna, with 4G Router. Although the expected Download and Upload speeds will be a lot better, I am wondering will 4G WiFi give me stable ping for Gaming?

Currently whenever someone else is using the WiFi, my ping will fluctuate anywhere from 250ms to 1000+ (Must note when nobody is on, I'll get around 20ms with the occasional spike on EU server). However, I have tried connecting to my 4G Personal Hotspot via a Wireless USB Connection (my motherboard doesn't include a wireless card), I seem to get anywhere between 40ms - 200ms. Mainly it is quite good, however many times I will just seem to spike up.

So would this be the same with a 4G Router and an Antenna? Would multiple people be able to use the WiFi at the same time?
It is like any wireless you will get random data spikes in your games. If you connect to it via wifi you now have 2 wireless networks. The wifi and the 4G mobile network that can take spikes.

I suspect your slow connection is actually better for games....but worse for everything else. Likely you best option would be to find a way to use both. Run your games on the slow connection and move the other traffic to the 4G connection. Kinda messy if you try to use both at once but it is possible. The simpler method would be to manually move your machine back and forth. You could download the game on the 4g and then move over to the slower connection to play it.