4Gb for 64-bit. The configuration options compared.


May 15, 2006

Like many people I want to run Vista Ultimate 64-bit with 4Gb of RAM. I already owned 2Gb of Buffalo Firestix PC2-8000 but had problems with them in one of my boards (a Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 3.3) so I felt they were not entirely reliable or compatible and with lack of documentation to prove otherwise, not to mention the current price for another 2Gb kit is still $277.00, I opted to buy new RAM for my new Abit IP35 Pro.

Crucial was the first I tried for the rebates but it didn't work out. One set I could not get the spreaders to make full contact with the chips ..you could see the sticky glue coming off them like a spider web from the side. The other Crucial kit was okay but... it was a batch made a year apart from the other kit. Not good luck at all so I sent those back and since then descided to go with Mushkin because I have had good experience with them since 2001.

To the point of my post:

I chose a 4x1Gb setup. Two 2x1Gb kits... Mushkin, Model 996576

I've since been told I should have bought a 2x2Gb set instead but I'm not clear about why.
Is it ONLY the overclocking potential or is there a performance problem with the controller or...?

My rig is for games and HD movies. I like the competitive online games like most gamers.
I'll overclock but not alot really. Only if I'll see a really noticeable performance difference. I prefer to stay with the timings the set comes with or tighter when possible and the same with the voltage - I don't like to alter it much. Stability and longevity are prefered. From what I've read there's not a great deal of in game difference with 800Mhz clock and 1066Mhz. That said I would like to bump things up marginaly.

If I were to OC then I guess a goal (max) I'd have would be 1000Mhz with say ..5-5-5-18.

I can still return the 4x1Gb unopened. Shipping loss is just $3.00. Worth it or just keep what I ordered?



2x2GB deal:


Yup, it's easier to o/c 1/2 sticks than 3/4 sticks of ram even if they're identical (no such thing). Every part isn't 100% the same. That guy with q6600 down the road can o/c to 3.6ghz whereas some can go up to 3.4ghz. Same for ram o/cing. Hence, the obsession over part #'s, cpu steppings, etc.

You can get any ram & o/c the fsb to near specs. 400 x 8 = 3.2ghz. 400 x 9 = 3.6ghz. Nothing 800mhz ram can't handle. It's the cpu multiplier.