4gb or 8gb? Worth it


May 26, 2010
Hi all.

I have a quick question.

My current pc spec is in the sig, is it worth upgrading from 4gb ddr3 ram to 8gb?

The reason i ask is i use win 7 64bit and i do a fair bit of gaming on my machine plus also i want to be playing battlefield 3 when it comes out hence the gtx 560 ti which works really well but i have 4gb of corsair vengence 1600 in my system now and i can get another 2x2gb sticks of the same ram for £25. Is it worth it?

Will i notice much of a difference as all i do is play games, youtube, xhamster ;-) and listen to music.




You will not notice a difference in performance. However, having more RAM helps in system intensive task which use a lot of RAM (such as 3D rendering and such). If you are going to game, 4GB is enough. If you just want more because you like having 8GB, then go ahead. RAM is dirt cheap compared to what it used to be back then. So getting 8GB won't hurt.


May 26, 2010

Hi there and thanks for the reply.

I will get the extra 4gb because as you said it is dirt cheap and thanks for the advice.

Much appricated

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Aug 29, 2011
Btw. if you want a noticable overall systemspeed increase,get a ssd or a cpu upgrade,that gives you at least something back for your money.


As noted by others above, adding another 4 GB. won't show any performance gain to speak of.

In addition you most definitely do NOT want to mix RAM as it is not guaranteed to work, especially DDR3 RAM. If you're going to buy RAM then buy ONE matched, tested RAM Kit of the full quntity that you desire. Even adding multiple DIMMs of the same RAM part number may not function properly unless sold as ONE matched, tested RAM Kit..
Wow, real surprised at some of the answers here. Personally, at $50 for 8GB, I would not consider building a system w/ less than 8 Gigs.....not "to make me feel better" .... but because when I play a game that is 35% slower because of it, I'm gonna wish I spent the extra $15 (4GB Vengeance sets are $35).

Which is correct?

You will definitely show an increase in performance.
You will definitely not show an increase in performance.

Answer : A little of both ..... I wouldn't get excited about the 1 -3 % in games like the first bunch below but those aren't today's games. GTA IV isn't even one of today's games, ..... and yeah I'll pay $15 for 35% ..... not to mention BF3, metro 2033 and what we expect to see this XMas season.


The Sims3 - 2.4% increase
Ammo 1401 - 1.5% increase
GTA IV - 6.4% increase
Borderlands - 2.2% increase
Mafia II - 2.4% increase
Half Life 2 - 35.4% increase

CS4 - 8.2% increase

I couldn't agree more with THG n this one; here's THG's recommendation:

In a 64-bit system with a powerful graphics card, 8 GB of RAM really is a must if you're going to play demanding games. This is the case regardless of whether you're using 32-bit or 64-bit applications. However, even more than 8 GB of RAM can be subjectively noticed while playing. There is no real need for 16 GB of RAM, though. Going with 8 GB is quite enough unless you're running some taxing application in the background.


Apr 19, 2008
8gbs > 4gb if while playing some of your games you open up some backround apps like a browser, media player, antivirus, and all the other crap that gets thrown on your system. So switching between those apps while a game is active would definetly go faster with 8gbs.