4GB System memory problem!


Jan 9, 2004
I have a system with 4GB memory, ASUS P4C800E-Deluxe Motherboard and an ATI AIW 9600 Card. The ATI card interferes with the system BIOS memory sizing and limits the size to 2815MB. Does anyone know of a good dual-head graphics card that will allow the BIOS to see all (or most) of the installed memory? It does not have to have the AIW (tv tuner) features. Thanks.


Aug 2, 2002

Weird problam, it as a documented or known problem of ATI cards? Maybe only a BIOS udate would correct the problem...

And by the way, do you REALLY need 4Gig of RAM! What are you doing to need that huge amount of RAM?

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Yeah, highly I doubt it's a graphics card problem so much as a Mobo issue; but you can get every Matrox and Some nV FX cards with Dual DVI connectors. Matrox is pretty benign with other resources. If you can't find a fix elsewhere you might want to try that. For just generic Dual head all companies makes some form of dual monitor card.

Not sure but is it registered memory? I know that most mobos won't see above 3GB without it being registered memory and even then some are even speed limited (some won't take DDR400 populated in all slots). There are alot of weird issues with memory on current mobos. You may wanna check with ASUS as well.

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Jul 13, 2003
I don't know much about it so I'm merely speculating here. However the Asus site says it supports 4 x 184 pin slots and can use PC32, 27, and 2100 ram. Both ECC and Non-ECC.
However it says it supports upto 4GB. Well assuming you have 4 1024mb chips then that comes to 4096. Again just speculating but perhaps that is considered byond its 4GB limit and perhaps it causes one of the 4 chips to not be read at all because of it. However if you are using 4 1024mb cips then that would mean that, if its reading 3, then you should expect to see 3072mb but yet you said you only see 2815mb which is odd to me.


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I can't see how ANY video card could limit the amount of RAM your system sees. Have you tried a different video card?

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