4k 1440p or ultrawide


Oct 8, 2017
Ok guys so i am going to get a pc with ryzen 5 2600 and a gtx 1080ti (16gb ram) and i am really in trouble to select the monitor so shoud i get:

》27"1440p 144hz 6ms ips hdr
(pixio px277h)

》27" 4k ips hdr 5ms
(lg 27uk650w)

》3440x1440p 100hz 32-34" va panel
ultrawide (asus mx34vq)

Plz tell me the answer for the resolution real trouble here
I really want the best visuals and enough smoothness to make me want to play and be future proof for atleast 3 years or more. The build is complete and i cant go with a more expensive cpu
And yes could you guys tell me a awesome ultrawide with the specs i mentioned below 650 us dollars. It can be korean but with enough reviews and be really good
Thanku very much
First, at these resolutions, CPU performance at the Ryzen 5/7 level won't matter much so don't worry about that. Same if you were looking at Intel i5/i7.

Second, I find that the ultrawide screens are too short in height to width ratio aspect for my tastes. I like more of a balance between width and height for gaming. Now if I were using an application that was mostly dependent on screen width performance, that would be a different story.

Third, even with that 1080 Ti, you might find some performance struggle in some games with that 4K monitor reaching 60FPS in the newest AAA games or those soon to come out. I would go with the 1440p 144Hz monitor as that is better suited for unlocking the 1080 Ti's potential. As a 1080 Ti and 1440p monitor owner, I can speak from experience on that.