Question 4K 144hz hdr BFGD!

Oct 20, 2019
This insane monitor and other ones like it go beyond the limits of displayport 1.4. With the introduction of displayport 2.0 hopefully within a year I was wondering if these monitors in particular would be able to take advantage of the increased bandwidth that comes with 2.0 and really shine like they were meant to.
I'm sure there's no set in stone answer as of yet but what do you guys reckon?
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The DisplayPort 2.0 specification was just published a few months ago. It usually takes at least another 12–18 months for the rest of the ecosystem for a new standard to be completed (with CTS / certification testing procedures written and approved), while silicon development is ongoing during this time, and another 12–18 months for products that implement that silicon to be designed and put into mass production.

So you're looking most likely at 2022 or later, maybe 2021 if the engineers really push it.

NVIDIA G-Sync modules are typically worse, usually about 4–5 years behind on interface support.