Question 4k 60hz vs 1440p 60hz

Mar 20, 2020
I use an Acer XB281HK. This monitor is GSync capable, which I have enabled. This monitor is also only capable of 60hz maximum.

Should I run games on this monitor at 4k and cap games at 60FPS, or should I run games on it at 2560x1440? Currently, I play games on this monitor at 1440p 60hz with GSync enabled and I cap games at 144 FPS.

What are the optimal settings for the smoothest frames possible without also losing FPS?

I have a 2080ti as well, and I also livestream occasionally.


2080Ti is good enough for 4k 60Hz/60fps but gotta say, you're going about it the wrong way. If you want to actually see 144fps then get a 144Hz monitor, otherwise, there's no point comparing between refresh rates. In regards to resolution, native 1440p looks good on 27~28" panel where 4k can be too tiny for some people. 32" or larger would be ideal for 4k.

Should mention, Gsync and also Freesync only works within it's refresh rate range. So in your case with your 4k 60Hz monitor, whatever the minimum is to the maximum which is 60Hz, fps over this and Gsync is disabled. Reason why Vsync is recommended to have enabled along with Gsync is so fps doesn't exceed refresh rate. Having Vsync on with Gsync wont introduce input lag btw, it's just a method to keeping frame rates within Gsync's control.
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