Question 4K display not working as my primary display ?

Shubham Deshpande

Sep 8, 2014
I have a very unique and odd problem with my 4k display (27GN950). Everything was working well for a past couple of months when suddenly I started having issues with my GPU (6800xt) where whenever I started a game or benchmark my display became pixelated and stayed like that till I restarted and this happened with my older display as well. Which is why I replaced my GPU with a older one on hand and everything became normal.

A couple of days later I decided to try again with my current GPU and to my surprise two things happened. First let me tell the good one that benchmarks like Heaven started running normally but I haven't tried a game yet and lets hope the problem doesn't come back. But this came at a very odd cost which was the second surprise that my 4k display no longer works if I use it as the only display ?

At first it was working only on 1080p 60Hz and now it works only till post and then shows a Grey screen, mind you this only happens if its the only display connected. If I connect my older 1440p monitor then the 4k monitor also works at 4k 144Hz. Its so odd that the moment I connect the 2nd DisplayPort to the other monitor everything seems fine as a duplicate or extended display. But the moment I disconnect my 1440p monitor my 4k monitor becomes grey again. I have tried both the ports and both the cables with the 4k monitor but it just doesn't want to work on its own.

Not sure what I can do anymore, please let me know if anyone has any ideas.