Question 4k displays and refresh rates


Jul 26, 2014
I recently purchased a laptop with a 4k display from a large online retailer in the UK. I believe the display to be defective as when scrolling, text will appear very blurry when scrolling, suggesting very poor response times etc.

The effect is particularly pronounced when in Windows Night Mode and when the text is on a background other than white -- the text will appear like it almost glows or "throbs" between a lighter shade and a darker shade of the text colour when scrolling. For example, on a website with a black background and white text, night mode, scrolling will make the text throb between a white and orangy colour.

The effect is so significant that it's difficult to read things whilst scrolling text and causes my eyes irritation within minutes.

I have tried to return the laptop as defective, but I've been told "it's normal" and "4k laptops have a slower refresh rate". This was after I compared the response times of the laptops to other 1080p laptops and monitors, showing that there are 25+ pixel-wide trails for the laptop as opposed to <15 pixel-wide for the other displays (Google Eizo monitor test)

My questions are:
1) is there a more comprehensive test I can do to prove it is defective?

2) How blurry and orangry does text have to be for the monitor to be considred defective according to “trading standards”?
The laptop is very very expensive and touts "accurate colours", which are very particular reasons why I think the laptop display is unacceptable and hence why I’m seeking a full refund.

3) would changing the resolution of the screen from 4k to 1080p nullify the "it's slow because of 4k" argument?

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I have connected the laptop to a 4k sony tv display and can confirm that the response time on the sony is akin to the 1080p monitors + there are no blurry trails when scrolling.

Is this enough to confirm that the laptop display is indeed defective?

Thank you
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