4K/HDR settings seem backwards


May 23, 2017
So for example I noticed on my PS4 when I have HDR turned off within the game settings of KNACK, it looks like HDR 10 is ON. When it's ON, it's looks like a regular ps4 game except maybe with some extra lighting. This is also true for Monster Hunter World.

On my Xbox One S, in the game ASSASSINS CREED Origins, when I have 4k turned off the in the video settings of the console, it looks like it is upscaled to 4k. Which looks great btw. When HDR 10 is turned on (not sure what the setting is at at this point because it's a mind job) I get the same really high brightness as I do with Monster Hunter on my PS4. This (problem?) of backwards settings on my consoles generalizes throughout all my other games that support HDR 10. I am not sure if this is something strange with my TV iteself, which would make sense to be true because I'm having the same random issue on both consoles. That being said it's a turn off for me to get the mid generation consoles now because I'd be playing with the settings so much.

Oh and my TV is a ROKU SHARP I am 85% sure it is this TV

Any advise or similar experiences that people would be willing to share with me would be great.
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