Question 4k Monitor with 2070 super


Sep 1, 2019
so i wanna buy a 2nd monitor, currently im running a 22" 1080p monitor. I have an rtx 2070 super, and i cant decide if i wanna upgrade to a 1440p or a 4k monitor.
Why i would wanna get 4k:
  • more crisp picture for everyday use such as browsing, coding etc
  • better for movies/shows
Why i think i maybe should go with 1440p instead:
  • obvious price difference ~150 bucks
  • my card cant handle most games at more than 60 fps at 4k, so i would have to upscale from a lower resolution like 1080p, or play at lower fps

any recommendations / opinions on upscaling / fps vs resolution or other?
thanks ! :)
A very good question.
A monitor can be a very long term investment.
To that end, I recommend buying the very best you can afford.
Namely, 4k.
Bust your budget if need be.
And, look for one on the larger/wider size.
4k text can be small so a larger monitor can make them more readable.
A larger monitor is more immersive for games.
There is no reason your rtx 2070 can't run games at 4k, so long as they are not fast action games.
You will always have the option to reduce the resolution or settings if needed.

If you buy anything less because of cost, you will forever be second guessing yourself.
I had a 27" 4K monitor for a while and I'd probably buy one again but I need it to have a high refresh rate and those are a little pricey. But otherwise it wasn't a problem in the desktop because with 150% scaling, it's like using a 1440p monitor but with a much sharper image. And playing games at 1440p doesn't look all that bad.

And even then, you can use NVIDIA image scaling if you want the card to render to 4K from a lower resolution with some upscaling voodoo. Note this is not the same as DLSS. This is just NVIDIA's answer to FSR 1.0