[SOLVED] 4K Monitors for my NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240

Nov 30, 2020
I currently have two Dell Ultra Sharp monitors and one needs to be replaced. I'm not sure what type of monitor I can buy without replacing my computer or graphics card. I would like this monitor to work with both my home computer which has a GTS 240 and my new work computer. Is it possible to find a 4K monitor that can run at a lower resolution and still work with my home computer?


A 4k monitor can still be used at a lower resolution. 4k means it is capable of, and defaults to, 4k, but it can be turned down to 1440p or 1080p 0r 720p or lower in the windows display settings. You real issue would be making sure the monitor has the right connections. Most 4k monitors use HDMI or DisplayPort. Your GTS 240 is not going to have DP, but possibly has an HDMI port. Keep in mind, this is just for straight compatibility. the GTS 240 might be too weak to properly power a 4k monitor to be usable, depending on what you plan to do.