[SOLVED] 4K Screen turns black and then becomes blurry if any video plays, then it's clear again when browser is closed ?


Aug 3, 2014
I've been having this weird phenomenon lately with my screen.

I'm in 4K, and everything is looking sharp and clear as day, usually does and its been fine
Recently on certain websites, so far especially YouTube, or on a website that auto plays any kind of video, if I goto a channel that has an auto playing video, or if I click on any kind of video my monitor goes black just like it would when you go to change a resolution, and then when the screen comes back even though settings say it's still in 4K, everything is suddenly all blurry, the text, picture quality, all of it, and then when I close the browser where it's playing it goes black again for a second, and then its back to crystal clear quality, and while the browser is open even if I goto the desktop everything including if I open the settings menu and text on icons on the desktop are all blurry until I close the browser
I've tested it on Edge, Chrome, you name it.
I don't use HDR or anything like that, but the same thing happens if I'm on the Display tab and click on Windows HD Color settings, it immediately does the refresh thing and everything becomes blurry, then goes back when I close it.

Why is this happening, what is going on?

When I go into the Display settings during this everything is still set to 4K Native and none of the settings have changed, it almost looks blurry as if it was at 1080p or something , even even the videos I'm watching are specifically set to 4K they just look all blurry and not the way they're supposed to.

I've never had this issue before, I'm using a Hisense Roku 50R6E TV in 4K Resolution, HDR is off and I'm plugged into the ARC HDMI port, but even in the other ports everything looks fine until any kind of video starts playing.
I tried using a separate 1080p Monitor, and the problem does NOT occur on that one, the screen doesnt refresh and everything is fine, everything stays clear as day.
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I'm thinking its the TV switching to another mode.
Also, since you're in 4k, make sure you've set the HDMI port to version 2 in the tv settings.