Question 4K video editing on a budget - is this build OK?


Nov 6, 2011
As the title says, a friend of mine who knows absolutely nothing about computers, asked me to build him a 4K editing PC. But he's on a budget, we live in Hungary so the market is quite different (prices for electronics are very high thanks to our record-high VAT), but he has around 640usd converted from huf.

For this price, of course, we're looking at mainly used parts.

I have a lot of experience building gaming and home entertainment PCs, but never made a video editing rig, especially for 4K. He uses mainly Avid and sometimes Vegas.
I had been editing videos in the past, but only in 1080p, so different story, I don't really know what's best for this case.

I figured we need a great CPU and much RAM for this kind of use, so here's what I thought:

-AMD Ryzen 1700 CPU (great deals used)
-Some mid-range mATX B450 motherboard so that 3rd gen (and maybe even newer) Ryzen CPUs can be fitted in the future
-2x16GB 3000MHz+ DDR4 RAM
-AMD RX 480 or 580 8GB graphics card
-500GB NVMe storage + 2TB HDD storage

The rest is not fixed yet, I'd get some quality 550-600W PSU, and some cheap case that can handle cooling this system.

My main concerns are:

  1. Would the RX 480 / RX 580 be enough for 4k editing? Does the 8GB version over the 4GB version make any profit here (do these rendering programs utilize that much VRAM)?
  2. CPU cooling: I am looking at Be Quiet! Pure Rock towers, or would I be better off with 240mm AIO solution? For gaming rigs I never went higher than Ryzen 5 / i5, TDP is the same but real power consumption may be higher. The CPU would not be overclocked at this point.
  3. Is the Ryzen 7 1700 a better deal for rendering than, say, a Ryzen 5 2600 or 1600AF, or should I go with these instead and get a higher-end GPU for editing?
He would do some gaming, but mostly video editing and rendering.

Thanks in advance for the answers!