Question 4th hard drive install

Sep 22, 2021
Hi All,

So my situation

I bought a 4th hard drive an NVME M.2 Crucial SSD 2TB

I have three existing hard drives

M. 2 970 evo plus 500GB OS installed
Sata SSD 870 1 TB
WD Black 2TB

After I installed the the crucial ssd it stopped detecting the Sata SSD and the WD Black, the main OS drive the M.2 evo plus and the crucial M.2 are the only drives that are being detect. Even in bios it doesn't detect the other two drives.

AORUS Z390 Ultra
you will need to read your motherboard user manual to determine the exact method of enabling them.

a lot of motherboards are not equipped to run more than two M.2 drives without also changing BIOS settings to support them.
plus you may need to have a CPU that supports this.

most setups i've seen recently offer two PCIe powered slots and one or two SATA powered slots.
enabling SATA powered M.2 drives may disable some of your SATA III 6Gb/s ports.