Question 4x2TB HDD RAID0 with 2x256GB nvme SSD RAID0 as cache and 1GB RAM cache using PrimoCache experiment


Apr 15, 2010
I'm doing a little cheap alternative experiment on my fun/gaming machine. I don't keep anything important on it, incase I do have something important I have a 32GB flash drive.

Right now I only have 2x2TB HDD's in RAID0(I'm using somewhat old WD Enterprise drives). I'm going to be buying 2 more HDD's at the beginning of next month.

The reason I'm raid0'ing two and in the future four HDD's is that it should help out just incase whatever is being read or wrote that isn't cached can be still accessed and loaded quickly or at least quicker then a single HDD and it's way cheaper then a single 4TB and 8TB SSD and I'm getting 14GB/s read and write speeds on second loads thanks to the SSD and RAM cache. This isn't bad for around $330. Even if I did count the 32GB's of 3600MHz RAM because I use 1GB of it as RAM cache it's still cheaper.

Putting my two SSD's in RAID0 and using them as a cache doubled my read speeds from 3GB/s to 6GB/s reads compared to a single HDD and a single SSD as cache. But the RAM cache oh man... I was using 512MB's of RAM as cache but when I bumped it up to 1024MB's the speeds did a little more then doubled.(14GB/s)

So altogether I have SSD speeds, 8TB's of storage, and 512GB's of SSD cache for around $330. Hell Let Loose and Battlefield 4 maps load in like 5-10 seconds.

In your opinion is this worth it? Any other opinions? Thoughts? Should this be good for this generation of video games?
Just my opinion.
Not worth it.
The impressive speeds you are seeing come, I guess, from synthetic benchmarks.
Such an app is nothing like what your real apps use.
Sometimes, having to do two reads can cost you performance.
Add to that, the possibility of raid-0 failure or a device failure and you are really gaining nothing but risk and complexity.

If you want performance and reliability, buy ssd devices.
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