5.1 Dolby Headphones?


Dec 31, 2007
Yes, there are the Zalman 5.1 headphones and the Kinyo KY-100 headphones.

In the UK there is a 5.1 headset (with microphone). Someone mentioned it in this forum. I forgot the brand/model but the control module was identical to the Kinyo module. The actual headset was very different, though.

Don't know the sound quality of any of them, not first hand. I heard/read rumors that the Zalman were a bit bass shy and the 5.1 effect was barely noticeble. I also heard that the Kinyo had a fair amount of static during quiet moments using 5.1 mode but was noise free in stereo mode. (You have to shuffle cables around to switch modes).

Both the Zalman and the Kinyo need analog 5.1 connections, ie they don't support SPDIF.

The Kinyo has mini-headphone plug and RCA adapters. The control module has a bypass function, allowing the sound to go to your speakers when you don't want to use the headphones.

I don't know what the Zalman has.

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