Question 5.1 PC speaker system set up


Jan 7, 2014
Hello i have a 5.1 surround sound Speaker system for my Gaming PC and i was wondering................How in the absolute hell do you set up your 5.1 speakers so two of them go behind you without it looking Extremely Ghetto. when i look at a 5.1 setup diagram, it says that Two of your speakers are suppose to be over ur left and right shoulder, and im just wonder how is that even possible to setup. I see that the cables are long enough, but their is no way for me to actually have the speakers behind me without it Obstructing Space in my bedroom where i always walk. Basically how i have it setup right now is i just have all the speakers on my desk, but the two speakers that are suppose to be behind my right and left shoulder are just sitting on the outisde of my desk next to the other speakers.


When your sitting right at the monitor with the front speakers in your face, to get the surround effect, you need to put the rear speakers right behind/beside you so it's kind of dorky. If you put them way in the back of the room you'll never hear them unless you crank their volume, and decrease the front speakers.

For music you only use 2.1 so it's not a problem. For movies your sitting on your bed to the rear speakers back by your bed would work good. For gaming having the rear speakers in the middle of the room right behind your chair is kind of odd like you said. A lot of people put the rear speakers back by their bed for for movies, and move them up close for gaming.

Ideally you want to use a headset for gaming, and leave the speakers for movies. That way you can set up the speakers back by the bed and not in the middle of the room.