Question 5 beep error message on startup, BIOS screen on startup not showing, but everything boots fine.

Sep 9, 2022
Hello. I have had my PC for nearly a year now and have a very strange issue I have not come across before. Whenever I start up my PC, I am met with a 5 beep error message. What I found very peculiar however was that my PC booted perfectly fine, and there was a regular display on the monitor, and there were no issues with performance at all. I did my research and replaced the CMOS battery, because the BIOS menu was not displaying (The menu on startup that allows you to enter the BIOS), and apparently that can be caused by a faulty CMOS. so I replaced it, and when I turned on my PC again it started powering down and then back on again, which I believe is what happens after removing the CMOS for a period of time (correct me if I'm wrong). After doing this however, there were another 5 beeps, no BIOS menu, but the PC still powered on and worked like there was zero issue whatsoever. It isn't such a large issue at the moment, however I have heard that something like this could potentially lead to larger issues so any help is greatly appreciated.