Question 5 beeps red led


Aug 9, 2019
Specs:hp elitedesk 800 g1 sff, 20gb of compatible ram, one 120gb ssd,one 2tb seagate hdd,700W thermaltake psu and a gtx 1650 super, I5 4570 cpu.

Problem: started yesterday gpu was not working that really annoyed me and I just thought the gpu died so I just moved on without it pc worked fine that was one good thing(without gpu)coincidentally my new 8gb ram came in took out a ram stick so I could insert the new my surprise it didnt work tried again,took out all the ram stick to add the new one and I seated it perfectly I'm sure and nothing. still I got what you would expect.. the 5 beeps with the red led start button no surprise telling me the ram is incompatible which I found out was true because I had the wrong type of ram it was incompatible with my system.. well I thought "all right I'll just send it back back" so I moved on from that and put my usual ram back in the pc.. to my surprise it didnt work that confused me so I reseated them multiple times I know the slots weren't broken I mean they worked like 3 minutes ago and I know the ram was good I even tried it with my backup ram that I got from my friend nothing worked so i tried finding the core of the problem.

Troubleshooting: when I open the computer the led turns red and that devilish beeping starts its 5 long beeps a 5 second pause and it does that 5 times over and over 5 times making it a total of 20 beeps and when it ends a 15 second pause until the processors fan becomes louder and louder until it reaches its peak and it just continues blowing until I shut it down.
I've tried disconnecting the cpu it caused it to change to 4 beeps and a red led no loud fan of course,I've tried resetting the vmos even changing it to my extra,I've tried resetting all of my 21 ram sticks by themselves in each slot,I've tried disconnecting everything and reconnecting everything,ITS ALWAYS THOES 5 BEEPS and the red led,tested the psu by switching to a different one still just 5 beeps and good old red led..

Conclusion: I'm guessing when the gpu didnt work it was not getting power and when the ram was in the slits it worked but when I took them out and put the back in it no longer gained power for some reason resulting in the pc not recognizing both the ram and the gpu,or the mobos bad but that's a low chance because it was just working but there is still a..chance. but to be honest I dont really know what the problem is I just want to get past the 5 beeps and red led ..I've tried connecting it to a monitor to see if I could get to bios I connected a keyboard but monitor gets no signal and keyboard gets no colors(rgb keyboard with leds) someone please help I dont wanna have to buy a nee pc when I dont even know what the issue is it could be nothing and it could also be somthing really bad happening I've spent alot of money on this pc and I'm past the refund date I'd appreciate any help :(