5 displays @ 1360x768 - Help!


Jun 17, 2009
I need to run an extended desktop of 5 displays at 1360 x 768 resolution. Each desktop area will be running a separate application at full screen on 50" plasma displays for a movie cinema complex. Each display will be running its own movie playist content, playing a series of trailers, movie prices, Candy Bar menu, etc. They will need to work independent of each other so I need to span the desktop 5 times, not video splitting (which would play the same content on all the displays). These 5 applications will need to run on the same PC so that I can synchronize the display in case the users want to make certain things happen across the 5 displays at t he same time, then revert back to random movei clips independently again. I have written the application that can do that but now I need the video card, or whatever, to make it happen.

Any ideas?