5 GHz Broadband Signal From Extender


Sep 20, 2017
Hi there,

I have recently had my broadband upgraded, used to get 6.0Mbps on a good day, but now we get 40Mbps on a good day which is great. The main router is located downstairs in a separate room which is too far away for the signal to reach my PC in my bedroom, thus I use an extender. Upon using the newly installed broadband I was getting about 25-30 on average in my room which I was fine with, although at busy times of the day it can drop right down to 4Mbps in my room which is just not acceptable. The router provides a dual band 2.4 and 5ghz signal and upon numerous speed tests on my phone, the 5Ghz signal is much more reliable and doesn't ever seem to drop below 25Mbps, even at busy times. It turns out my extender can only pickup and transmit a 2.4GHz signal.

So my question is if I were to purchase an extender capable of 5GHz signal, would I be able to extend the 5GHz signal with the new extender, simply by plugging it into the wall next to the router via the WPS function as obviously there is no way to choose which signal the extender uses.

NOTE: My extender: NETGEAR Mini N300 (EX2700-100UKS)
My Router: TP-LINK AC1200

Thanks, Sam

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