Jan 7, 2012
I bought a ASUS USB-N53 a while ago and have been just using the regular 2.4 Ghz signal. I have a Cisco e3000 router which is both 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz, just like my adapter, but I have never been able to pick up the 5 Ghz signal? I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate. My roommate (in his room, tf/rf = 54/54, best/&perfect signal in the house out of 4) and girlfriend (my room, mac laptop) can both successfully connect to the 5 Ghz signal, but all of their stuff that connects is Apple? Any ideas why I can't seem to find it.

*** J.I.C
- I've downloaded and re-downloaded the drivers and application file updates,drivers, & installation files like 15 times each so I'm pretty sure that's not it either.
- Router is approximately 20 feet to the adapter.
- 2.4 Ghz works fine as long as there aren't any Bluetooth connections going on
- Very High internet activity sometimes causes my 2.4 Ghz wireless mouse connection to get all jumpy too.


You could configure the USB-N53 to only use the 5GHz signal. Go into configuration > edit > config > ACL and set it to use only the 5GHz manually. See page 13 of the manual.

Anything else on 2.4 GHz can interfere with wireless networking in that range: portable phones (I changed mine to 1.9GHz Panasonic DECT 6.0), wireless mice, headphones, speakers, etc.


Jun 2, 2011
I have the exact same issue as you, i also bought that same adapter, recieved it today.

I found out that my Rogers Gateway has 5GHz disabled. Called customer service they said I need to get a router, they disabled the 5GHz option in the software of the modem. I dunno why.