Question 5 short beeps on startup ?

Oct 28, 2022
I have a problem for this month my PC still 5 short beep on startup but anything work
i test everthing

  • cpu benchmark with CPUZ street test 30 min work fine
  • CB20 work fine
  • 3dmark no problem
  • furmark no problem
  • occt test psu no problem
  • Memtest86 no problem
My PC Spec
Cpu - Ryzen 5 3600 stock
MB - Asrock B550 extreme 4 (Bios vr 2.10 )
Ram - G.skill Trident Z Neo F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC
SSD - Plexter 512G
PSU - Super Flower Leadex Gold II 650W
AIO - Deepcool Castle 280

Try to reset bios not working still have problem
flash bios to other version same
try to reseat everthing not fix still have problem
i think my MOBO Bios corrupted but some ppl tell me if pc you get cold get beep if so warm not beep
try to test with some ppl said that true so warm not beep / so cold beep 5 time
PS. my bios profile wont reset afer clear cmos or reflash / I haven't tried changing the PSU yet. Sorry my bad english
Oct 28, 2022
Check your motherboard manual for the beep codes and see what it tells you. is your hdmi or display port plugged into your gpu?
I have Debug code on my MOBO show D6 error mean The VGA could not be recognized. Please clear CMOS and try re-installing the VGA card. If the problem still exists, please try installing the VGA card in other slots or use other VGA cards.
and yet i try another rx6600xt from my friend same problem 5 beep again / Check all cable i have HDMI Display port swap ports same problem