Question 5 year old pc freezes, doesn't respond and keeps rebooting after forced shutdown

panos theodorakis

Mar 5, 2014
My 5 year old pc gets stuck during casual use and can't reboot through the case's button (any keyboard combination won't work either). After booting from a long press to shut down on the power button it keeps rebooting or gets stuck on the black windows loading screen (one dot stuck not infinite animation). Also when it gets stuck while casually using it my razer mouse stops lightning up and also responding (the keyboard doesn't stop lighting up), that continues to happen even AFTER booting and getting stuck on (about the mouse i mean). Can anyone help me ?

The casual post bios sound is working fine.
The Windows are up to date.
I had the same problem months ago but it stopped without doing anything(during Christmas).
My specs
I5 4460
Asus Z97 A
16 gigs of ram (i had 8 Kingston hyper x but trade it them for a set of 16 same brand on Christmas)
Gtx 960 asus
WD blue 1tb
Kingston hyper x ssd 120gb (I think)
Deathadder essential
Ornata chroma
A Bluetooth adapter(it's not the problem)
A tplink wifi adapter(this one either)

Can anyone plz help?
Any tip will be appreciated
I study computers in my university but the thing is that i can't figure out the source of the problem or even where do i start?

PS: I took everything apart a month ago and cleaned everything very very good and change thermal paste to the cpu and gpu. Also the previous freeze happened 3 months ago before Easter with older version of windows 10.
Thanks in advance!

Edit: the mouse does respond but it doesn't light up. ALSO after letting it boot up it says that it didn't boot properly and that it needs to do a reboot after that it just keeps rebooting and every time that it boots up the amount of time that it stays on is shorter and shorter, having as a result to the components not starting properly...

EDIT #2: It froze again, it keeps working i can here and I'm inside windows trying to install memtest86 and it just froze usbs don't work, the screen is stuck no sound NOTHING
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